Dreams: August 12

75 pages of adolescent love

I'm at school, and the semester has already begun. I feel unmotivated to work, but the academic pressure is building. There's a huge encyclopedia-sized book in front of me that I'm supposed to read. It's Romeo & Juliet. I see that I have 75 pages left of the section I'm now reading. I am sitting in a loud room, and I know I'll have to find a quieter place in order to concentrate. Yet I can't find one -- wherever I go it's noisy and busy.
I get stuck in a crowd of students that's shuffling into some room. It's a rush to do scheduling for next semester. I have some papers in my hands: schedules, class lists, etc. I look at the list of classes I want to take that I've written down on a scrap of paper. The class at the top of the list is "cigar smoking," which I really look forward to. I imagine how every day we'll all sit around and each smoke one quality cigar.

the big wet tongue

Now I'm in a huge room, up on a balcony overlooking an olympic-size lap pool. Half the pool/water is bright blue, and the other half (lengthwise) is a brilliant turquoise. They blend together well in the center. I see a gigantic whale in the pool, taking almost all of it up. It is swimmming around, its head surfacing every once in a while. Someone says something about how the whale gives good cunnilingus.

my on-screen nudity

Now I'm sitting watching a little, square TV screen. I'm watching a video of myself that I made. It's black & white and now shows the back of me. In the video I'm sitting naked, so the screen shows my bare back. My hair is pinned up. I slowly turn around in the video. Suddenly I realize that there's someone in the room with me, watching the TV over my shoulder. I get embarrassed and cover up the small part of the screen which shows my naked body. I tell them that I run every day. I find myself totally lying, saying that I jog "4 or 5 or 6 miles a day".


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