Dreams: August 9

Django's rings

I'm with Django. We're looking at his hands because he's wearing many interesting rings. They each have a charm made of blue plastic (like a charm bracelet, but they're rings, on each of his fingers). One of the charms is a telephone.

locking up my bike & the VW accident

NEXT, I'm going somewhere with a group of people. I have a bicycle, and now I need to lock it up. There's a cable car type of vehicle in which we are supposed to leave our bikes. I realize I have a lock but not the key. I ask a guy who has a bike if he could lock up my bike with his. He's happy to do it, so he takes his kryptonite lock and fastens our two bikes together to the railing inside the cable car. We walk off, but a few seconds later there's a lot of commotion behind us. Some accident happened. We turn back and see that there's been a big traffic accident that involves the cable car. Then I see that my bike turned into my car, the blue VW bug. My car is now all smashed up, totalled.

coastal road

NEXT, I'm riding my bike on a beautiful, windy road along the coast. The pavement looks shiny and wet from rain. There's a sandy shore (like the Oregon coast) right next to the road.


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