dreams: October 26, 1998

a battle with the boys

I'm in the frontyard of Vivi's house (but now it doesn't belong to her). A group of young frat-like boys are in the house. They come out onto the porch. There's friction between us. We are throwing rocks at each other. I pick up grey rocks from the yard and throw them at a guy standing in front of the door; I throw them as hard as I can. He's throwing them back at me. I feel angry.

traveling across the world to visit Oprah

NEXT, I'm traveling to Oprah Winfrey's big resort home in Asia. I see it on a map; it's on the upper east coast, near Japan, where a big island almost meets the mainland. Oprah is slim and has lots of vitality, and is also very wealthy. I'm standing at a big body of water, looking across at a colorful city in the distance (NYC?).
I'm taking a plane flight across the world. The traveling will last four days. I'm with a man. I'm wearing an elegant black dress, an evening gown. It has thin dark-red straps; one of them breaks. Then the other strap snaps too. Suddenly I'm wearing a strapless black dress. It doesn't feel right for airplane travel. I'm in an airport, and I feel uncomfortable in what I'm wearing. The trip will be hard now.

- FIN -

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