dreams: October 21, 1998

food in the family

I'm in kitchen with my aunts: Lisa, Lana (and Lori?). Lisa's making us breakfast. I know it's going to be good since she owns her own restaurant. We sit down at a square table to eat. Lana is eating with a vengeance, fast and dramatic, like she can't get enough. Lisa asks her what's up. She doesn't really give an answer. There are chocolate-covered peanuts on the table in a little plastic bag. Lana puts a handful on her plate, so I take a couple too.

finding my rhythm through breath

NEXT, Gary Schrodt has his hand over my mouth and nose. He slides his hand open and closed in a slow rhythm. I'm holding onto his thumb with one of my hands. At first I think the whole act is sexual; I'm tempted to open my mouth and lick his palm. Then I realize that he's teaching me a breathing technique. It's an important thing to learn.

Then his wife, Roz, is here with us. They're both standing in front of me. We're outside, on a road. I look at them and see that they're both absolutely gorgeous, full of radiant life. I know that it's because they breathe well.

I ask Gary what I should do when I'm stressed out. "Take two deep breaths, right?" I say. Gary says yes, putting his fingers on the lower sides of his two nostrils to open them up. He tells me I must then feel my feet, wiggling my toes around, etc., and then to feel my fingernails. Roz adds to feel myself as a woman, full of light and life.

I see an old woman in the background, nearby. She has grey/white curled hair (a wig?) and is wearing a little pink bikini. She has a skinny young body, but she doesn't look healthy. I see that she's probably anorexic.

- FIN -

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