dreams: October 17, 1998

seeing Khi and trying to keep my feet going

I'm in a big dance studio room. It's a retreat center. We're going to do a meditation exercise. But I have to go pee, so I wander down the hall looking for a bathroom. Sue Bouman is here.

Then, back in the studio room, I see Khi Christian. I'm delighted, greeting him. It's been so long since I last saw him. I am petting his head, running my fingers across his face, so happy to see him. Then he is part-Miles too.

The class starts. Tom Foley is the teacher. He's in the center of the room. The wall behind him is a big mirror. The floor is shiny wood. Everyone in the room is standing. Tom starts, and he's doing a fast, complicated foot-movement dance, like tap. Everyone does it with him. I try to pick it up, but he's going too fast. The toe-heel combos are just too confusing.

- FIN -

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