dreams: November 26, 1998

tell me, Geoff

I'm in a car with Geoff. We're driving along a road that looks like the far end of East Main Street toward Emigrant lake. It's night. We're talking about our relationship. He's not being very clear, talking in a very vague way with few words. I have to guess what he means, as if we're playing cherades. I feel like I have to name what he's feeling/thinking before I can know if it's right or not: "So you think that I want more? No. You think that it's good now? That it's too close? Too distant?" I just want him to TELL me!

sneaking away as an outlaw

NEXT, I'm sneaking away. I'm in the kitchen of the Beach Street house. I'm using my plane ticket to leave right away, but I have to keep it a secret or else they'll come looking for me. I'm wearing a plush black overcoat. I'm quietly packing up a few things. Mom walks into the kitchen and asks me something about tomorrow. I answer as if I'll be here. I have a clear glass of liquoured eggnog that I'm taking with me, as well as a few vitamins. I just want to leave with no one knowing. I feel like an outlaw, like I have to be very careful -- them against me.

- FIN -

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