dreams: November 12, 1998

seeking sweetness in a party of political puppets

I'm at a party that is filled with political people. They're all bigwigs, on top of the governmental heirarchy. Everyone is dressed up in costumes. I look down and try to figure out who I am. I see that I'm a girl from some fairy tale. Alice in Wonderland, perhaps? Dorothy from Wizard of Oz?
I walk into a kitchen in back. A woman (older, traditional, knows this place) is leading me through. The room is filled with shelves and shelves of artificial, processed, American food. I have a sweet tooth. The woman is helping to satisfy it by helping me make a dessert. I'm mixing cream cheese with something else in a big silver bowl, while she's finding the other ingredients. It's gonna be a sweet, rich, creamy paste/pudding.

- FIN -

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