dreams: November 11, 1998

I'm only pretending to be FIRM

Phoebe and Troy are listening to a recording of a musical group that they both really like. They're standing up, dancing, getting down with the groove.
The band is now visiting here. Their name is "FIRM." Everyone's totally excited to see them. They are now across the room from me. I don't really like them; they just don't do much for me. But I feel pulled to go meet them anyway. How could I pass up this opportunity to meet famous people and get their autographs? Then I'd be able to tell my friends that I met them.
So I walk over and stand with the group. There is a young black man who is a member of the band; I stand next to him. I put my arm around him and pose for the cameras. There are a bunch of people in front of us, facing us (me and the band, posing). Flashes of light are going off. Everyone is snapping photos of us.
The man asks me something about who I am and what I do. I tell him a little white lie, pretending to be someone I'm not.
Later, I need to take a shower. I'm near many showers, but they're all being used. They have mauve curtains. I want a shower.

- FIN -

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