dreams: May 5, 1998

destroying Gene Yoshida's alarm clock

It's 7:30am. I'm trying to sleep, but Gene Yoshida's obnoxious Brazilian alarm clock (in the room directly below mine) is beeping way too loudly, seeming to echo against the walls of my dorm room. I pull my pillow over my head, which does no good. Finally I lose patience, so I decide to go try to take care of the loud little sucker. On my way there, I'm walking along a dirt road with lots of trees. Jessica Howington rides by on a BMX bike; she's doing a verticle wheelie without stopping. I'm impressed. She can stay up in the air a really long time and still move forward. When I get to Gene's dorm room door, I knock, but no one answers. Somehow I get into his room. I grab the alarm clock, feeling a lot of anger. Holding it by the cord, I swing the radio clock around me, crashing it against the wall repeatedly. Little plastic and metal parts come flying off. People from nearby rooms step out into the hallway to watch me. It is giving me satisfaction to have such release. I'm destroying Gene Yoshida's alarm clock! Yay!

- FIN -

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