dreams: May 4, 1998

looking back through an old newspaper

I'm looking down at a white page in my lap. The paper has some words written on it in children's handwriting. It says, "Maya Seligman," and on the next line, "newspaper." Then I'm looking through an old newspaper with Mom. It's Ashland's paper, The Daily Tidings -- an issue from June 1977, when I was born. We are going through the articles and underlining the names of the people who I know, the people who have made a difference in my life. "Gates" is one of the underlined names that catches my eye. The owner of the Chateaulin restaurant, Michael Donovan, is another name.

hanging out in a nightclub

NEXT, I see Erin G. dancing on a stage in a spotlight. I'm in some sort of dark club. She's wearing a leotard, sliding her body around like she's in a strip show. I'm looking at a CD that has the song on it to which Erin is dancing.
Then I'm looking at a receipt. I'm responsible for paying for it, even though it's a list of expenses of a whole group. I see "Range Rover.... $0" as a line. I remember that it is a reference to the car I won for free last year. The total of the receipt is $2000-something, so I'm trying to figure out how to pay for it.

- FIN -

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