dreams: July 4, 1998

finding DeCapp

Phoebe asks me to make a phone call to someone she knows. We are on our way somewhere, so we stop at a public phone. There's a long line to use it. I get in line while Phoebs goes to do something else. Some people cut in line to get ahead of me, but they let me go ahead when they see that I'm annoyed. Mariah Peele (a Swattie) is in the line. We see each other and say hello, giving each other a big hug.
I finally get to the phone. I don't know the girl's name or number (whom Phoebe wants me to call). It is _____ DeCapp. I look it up in the phonebook. Stuck in the pages of the phonebook I find a sheet of paper with Mr. Tredway's handwriting -- some old debate paper. I see "Seligman" on it, and I realize it's referring to Phoebe. I'm having a lot of trouble finding "DeCapp" in the phonebook. For a minute I start looking up medical terms (like hyperdepression and others with two or more words/prefixes/suffixes stuck together). Then I remember that I'm looking for DeCapp. I finally find it. There are a couple DeCapps. They don't have numbers next to them though, only blank spaces where the numbers should go. I look at the addresses; they're only jibberish. "Moo-coo-lo" and other terms are listed there, like words in a song. Phoebe comes over. I show her the debate page.

[interp: The name "DeCapp" sounds like "decapitate," meaning to behead. Facing my upcoming brain surgery, I'm dealing with a lot of scary unknowns, which is why there were only blank spaces where the numbers should've been in the phone book next to the DeCapp names, as well as jibberish.]

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