Dreams: January 17, 1998

watching a fish's digestion process

I'm on a snowy path at night. Other people my age are up ahead. I'm scooting along the path on my butt, wearing waterproof snowpants. The path is very slick and narrow, like a waterslide. It slopes down in front of me, VERY steep.
Then I go to a place off the path. It is warm and cozy, like a big hot-tub/bed. I'm there with a young man whom I like. We are talking to each other. He's showing me an experiment study he's doing. We look through a microscope at fish. They are clear, as if they're in an X-ray machine or something. I see one fish eat some green stuff; it goes through the fish's body, through the intestines, and then out the back as a bowel movement. When it comes out of the fish, it's in the form of a little green vitamin.


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