Dreams: January 11, 1998

Ko works at a campus restaurant

I'm at a restaurant with a group of family and friends. The place kind of feels like home; when I notice that some people don't have napkins and placemats, I go into the next room to get some for them. Phoebe and Mom are here, as well as two Hispanic couples who are friends with Mom.
I'm hungry. We ordered a long time ago. Our food hasn't arrived yet. I decide to go see what the problem is. I walk out with one of the couples. The woman is speaking, but it's in a foreign language. I catch two of her words: "bella" and "sorella," which I understand. (Beautiful and sister.)
I'm on a campus, wandering around. I walk into the library. I see Ko working behind the counter. He's wearing a tuxedo. I realize that this library is actually the campus restaurant, and that my group is sitting downstairs. There has been a miscommunication fiasco because the restaurant is about to close. The chefs apparently never received our orders, and the staff forgot about us since we sit downstairs. Thus Ko offers us the salad bar, which is right there. I'm kind of mad.
Ko comes up to me. We are standing face to face. I put my hand on the back of his neck and stroke his hair. There is an uncommunicated connection between us. I lean forward; we kiss (a simple lip-to-lip pucker).


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