dreams: August 6, 1998

life on Third Street

We are having a yard sale at John's house. It's been going on for a while, and now we're trying to get rid of the remainder of stuff. There are bags of clothes, knick-knacks, and food that are on the front porch; they need to be heated. I plug them in, using electrical wires. The whole process is a big ordeal. I need to keep the bottom parts of the bags in water, so I keep filling up water jugs to pour water all over the porch. It dries up quickly. I hand John a piece of hardened melted cheese.

I have a TV up in my bedroom (Phoebe's current room, years ago, with red carpet). I want to get rid of the television; other people are fighting over who should get it. Jordan Gans-Morse wants it.

Laureen Laglagaron lives across the street. I see her walking over to hang out with Megan. The two of them are good friends.

Megan and I are in a car together; she's driving. I ask her if Buzz still looks the same: big muscles, wearing tank tops, buzz cut hair, etc. She basically answers yes.

- FIN -

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