Dreams: June 19, 1997

"The Life of MAYA"

I'm walking through a yard sale. A book catches my eye. It is the size of a large atlas, hard-cover and light-colored. On the front are the words: "The Life of MAYA" or something similar with my name in gold letters in the middle. I pick it up and open it. I see that it's from my childhood. The opening page is covered with different colored ink markings of notes and signatures, just like a yearbook. "Maya,..." is how they all start. Notes from friends. I don't get a chance to look through the rest of it. I realize it's from 7th grade. I think about how that was the first time in my life that I had classes in different rooms with different teachers every day.

snowy dock

NEXT, I'm walking around on a dock outside. Snow is all over the place. I can't really see anything; the white stuff is thick on the ground and swirling around in the air. But I'm not cold. John is with me. We see a big old fancy deep-green car under the snow. It's very vintage 1920s. We try to push the snow off of it to get inside.
Then I'm at a juice bar. I order a milk smoothie. I get a fancy orange drink with yellow brewer's yeast. It's tasty.


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