Dreams: June 17, 1997

swimming with friends

I'm swimming. It's at an amusement park type place. I'm near a waterslide contraption. Anna Winthrop and Holly Berman are swimming here right next to me. Someone is above us, out of the water, and they're taking our picture with their camera. We have a big group of other friends with us. I lean over and am blocked by someone else's head when the flash goes off.

spitting pickle and stealing pop-tart

NEXT, I'm running around a field, warming up like in lacrosse practice. Then I'm at a party. I know I have to get changed. I'm carrying a long skirt and tights with me, trying to find a place to change into them. I walk by someone who is holding a jar of crunchy pickles; he's about to put it back in the fridge. "Wait, I want one," I tell him. I stick my hand in the jar and pull out a pickle. I eat it as I walk along an upper balcony outside. There are lots of people down below. I decide that I don't want to swallow the bite of pickle I just chewed. I spit it out. It goes flying over the balcony -- plop -- it lands on some young guy's foot. He looks up at me.
Then I'm going back to get something somewhere. I'm at a vending machine. The side window is open. I grab a pop-tart and a shortbread cookie. I pick up coins I see around the machine. Then I see a sign that was once taped to the open window; it says not to take anything out of the machine from there. Oh well.
Then I'm in a car with Mom and Phoebe. They're discussing some event, trying to figure out who did it. I know who did it but don't say anything.


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