Dreams: June 9, 1997

giant strawberry shortcake & Miles

I'm at a party. Dessert is wheeled out. It is a huge strawberry shortcake. There's a giant loaf of the cake part (which looks like a loaf of sourdough bread, but I know it's rich cake). I tear a chunk off and dip it into a big vat of pink whipped cream. There are tons of blueberries and strawberries all over the floor. They are very big, some the size of baseballs. I go up some steps to get a couple.
Then I see Miles over by a low wall. He's there with his dad, Scott. I say hello and give them each a hug. Miles says he wants me to meet his roommate. He gestures over to a guy sitting about ten feet behind us. I'm surprised that they're roommates since the man looks older, about in his late 20s with a bushy beard.
Miles and I sit down. I tell him that I have a great idea to make a big profit. I tell him that I want to go to Cuba and buy a LOT of cigars to smuggle back into the United States. Miles jumps up and goes over to talk to some other people on the opposite side of the room. I am hurt and flabbergasted that he cares that little about our interaction. I sit there with my mouth open. There's a young man sitting on my right. I look over at him. He's sitting on a table. I move over and start talking to him. I look closely at this guy; we're sitting close to each other. He has blonde hair and a beautiful face (although he looks kind of frat-boyish). I notice his eyes are striking and that they totally remind me of T.. As we talk, I suddenly get the feeling that we're going to kiss. Then he starts telling me about "giving it to me" -- a bunch of really offensive comments that indirectly refer to him and other guys getting off on having sex with girls (and me). I'm appalled.

quarters sparkle in the (toxic?) mud

NEXT, I'm trudging around an expanse of mud. I'm naked. The soft ground comes up to my shins, right below my knees. It is a grey/greenish color. It is moving like a wide river, except that the flow isn't all in one direction. It's swirling around. I'm with a friend, and we're walking through together. I see a coin sparkle at the bottom of the stuff near my foot. I reach down and get it. As I lean down I see that there are quarters all over the place. Suddenly I'm picking up a bunch of them. There are so many that I don't even try to get them all. I just pick them up whenever I see a group of quarters together.
I feel a sharp pain in my vulva, in one side of my labia majora. Suddenly I'm concerned that the substance we're trudging through may be toxic or contaminated. Should I not get it on my skin? Has it been splashing up on me?


NEXT, I'm in a room, and someone knocks on the door. I open it and they ask me to a nearby room in the apartment building. I agree and follow them to the apartment. It's like a little dorm room. There is a group of men and women there. It's an orgy. They're on the floor having sex with each other. I look around and see dildos and sex toys all over the place. One dildo is pink glittery plastic. A woman and I start fooling around. She's petite with short dark hair. I'm fucking her. I come and am satisfied, so I stop. She hasn't reached orgasm yet.
Then I am looking at a list of the people participating. The page gives names, weights, etc. I see that a bunch of the participants weigh over 200 pounds. One name strikes me as funny: "Eat Me." Then I realize it's their dog.


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