Dreams: June 7, 1997

he bares all

J.A. is sitting near me on a couch or bed under some covers. We were fooling around. He stands up, pulling the blankets off himself. I see that he's buck naked. Other people are in the room. Yet he doesn't seem to care; he's not ashamed to be showing his naked body.

guilty over porn

NEXT, I'm on a computer. The screen is full of icons. I'm clicking on them. One icon shows an image of a woman with her legs spread. It has something to do with the theme of a "blue dick." Each icon is a different interpretation of the same image. I'm embarrassed to be looking at them, yet I'm still curious to see them all. Then when I'm done viewing them all, I have paper leftovers, remainders from what I was looking at. I need to get rid of the evidence. I'm looking for a recycling bin. I don't want anyone to see that the stuff I toss is mine. I'm walking around a dorm building trying to find an inconspicuous bin. I finally find one.


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