Dreams: June 28, 1997


A newlywed couple have a baby. It's my job to look after the kid the first night of their marriage. The baby is in a crib in a small room. On the other side of the room is a single bed where the man and woman are going to sleep. I focus on the kid, pretending to not even see the parents so that they can at least have a little privacy. Next thing I know, I'm waking up the next morning.
I go out to another room. There is a huge salad bar. I start helping myself. It all looks really good.

shoplifting chocolate

NEXT, I'm in a long line for a store that's having a huge special sale. Everyone in line is my age (all students?). I see lots of chocolate on the nearby shelves. There is a toy car/truck/ambulance that has a front end made out of milk chocolate. The girl in front of me says that I should get it. I decide to look around. I go down an aisle and see LOTS of chocolate in all sorts of forms. There is a tray of little chocolates; it looks good, but then I see that the plastic wrapping is ripped open. I don't trust it. I finally find a similar one ( Hershey's brand) that has unripped plastic wrapping. It's only $1.59, marked way down from the original price.
I decide to slip some chocolates in my pocket. They're little rectangular squares (the size of domino pieces) wrapped in silver. I look around to make sure nobody's watching and then slip a bunch of handfuls into my right jacket pocket. I go get back in line. I feel like everyone can see my bulging pocket, but no one really seems to notice.
Now I'm going back home to my dorm. I'm walking past a field where a bunch of people are playing softball. Lynn (from Swat) is leading one team of coed players. I see a line of players who are waiting to bat. Holly Berman is one of them. She stops me, super friendly and warm. We chat. Megan F. comes over. She's wearing all red, and her hair is pulled back. She gives me a big silent hug.


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