Dreams: June 27, 1997

moving too quickly

I'm with J.B. (redhead). We work together and are on the lacrosse team together. We're out on the field for practice. He and I have a strong zing between us. We are in each others' arms. I like him a lot. We begin kissing and fooling around. I pull back. It's moving too quickly. I don't want our relations to be purely physical. I tell him we need to slow down. He is sensitive to my request and says okay.

log robbery

NEXT, I'm floating down a log in Lithia Park Creek, down near the playground wading area. There is not a strong downflow; in fact, it's almost as stagnant as a little pond. Other people are on logs too. I float up to some others; they have to give me all their belongings for some reason. They turn it all over, as if I'm doing a train robbery or something. One of the things I get is an OLD currency bill for $250 -- it looks like it's from the wild west. It's exciting. I'm showing someone else all the confiscated goods I got.

showing Matt to the family

NEXT, Matt and I are an item. He has bright green hair. I'm introducing him to my family, waiting to get Phoebe and Mom's approval.


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