Dreams: June 23, 1997

searching for grape-nuts

I'm back at school. I'm hungry. I look at my watch; it's 8:35am. I ask if anyone is up for going to breakfast. Several people say yes, including Holly Berman. We all head over to the dining hall.
When we get there I see rows and rows of different breakfast foods, all layed out in an ampitheater-like setup of steps. There are bowls filled with all sorts of cereals and toppings. I see a bowl of flavored almonds and eat a handful. I'm looking for grape-nuts, which I really crave. But I can't find any. Out of all these cereals, I'm upset to not see my favorite. I finally find a bag with about a handful of grape-nuts left, but it's not enough for what I want. I keep looking.
I suddenly see a row cereals, all in boxes almost as tall as myself. One is grape-nuts! Yay. I see another one next to it that is a new & improved version of grape-nuts; the picture on the front shows the cereal with golden sweet syrup and raisins. I'm leery of any changes.


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