Dreams: June 13, 1997

sexual harassment in the military

I'm standing on a streetcorner with a group of other people. We are in the army, in a line (shoulder-to-shoulder), facing our sergeant officer. He's ordering us around. We are supposed to stand on the sidewalk in a very specific way, leaning back to a certain degree, with our feet hanging off the curb.
Apparently I'm not doing it correctly; Josh J. comes up behind me to show me the "right" way. He is above me in the military heirarchy, so I must do what he says. He reaches his arms around me, pulling my weight back on him. I look down and see that I'm not wearing any shirt or bra. I feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. He cups my breasts in his hands. He is playing with my right nipple, flicking it and rolling it between his fingers. Finally I can't stand the humiliating subordination, and I tell him to stop it. He just laughs at me and continues.


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