Dreams: August 19, 1997

train adventures

I am on a train. Familiar people, my friends, are here on the train too (Noli, Ben Waterman, Holly, etc.). They're in the next car; there's an open doorway into that car, and I'm in this car by myself. It's dark, but I can see a bunch of food layed out on tables. I want to eat some, but I feel ashamed to do that. I make sure nobody can see me, and I tear off a piece of chicken that's sitting in a dish of marinara sauce. It's stringy. I put it in my mouth. The tendons are too stringy, so I spit it out.

I look out the window on my right and see that we're going through a big outdoor sports stadium that's packed with people. The train is going right through the seated audience (on a little gap for the tracks). I can feel the adrenaline and excitement of the crowd.

As we pull out of the stadium, I look out the window to my left. I can see the crowd of people behind us. All of a sudden I see John running across the grass toward the train. He's waving at me. I smile and wave back, happy to see him. He grins and heads back to the stadium, going back to his seat to watch the game.


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