Dreams: August 19, 1997

lifestyle of the rich

I'm in someone else's house. They just moved out; but they left a lot of stuff behind that they didn't want. I'm looking through the medicine cabinet, which has lots of high-quality makeup. The people were obviously very rich. I see rows of nail polish. One bottle stands out because it is an uppity designer brand; the bottle is skinny and tall, and the polish is yellow. There are lots of puffy makeup brushes too.
I go outside. The patio is made out of expensive-looking slate rock. There is a serious fence along the backyard to keep out intruders. A round hot-tub is sunk into the slate patio. There is also a pool. I start swimming in it. I'm with a young man. We have a sexual chemistry between us.

just tell me what's wrong!

NEXT, I'm at work, in a huge theater. It's the end of the show. Some patrons are still sitting in their seats, so I go along and tell them that we need to clear the house. They get up.
Nearby, on a lower level, I see a middle-aged large black woman. Apparently she's a House Manager. Her name starts with a C (Christine?). She starts to tell me something and then says "Never mind." She's acting very miffed and perturbed by me, but she won't tell me why. I ask her to tell me what's wrong, but she just says "Nothing." I have to ask her a few more times before she finally says that there were patrons up on my side of the theater with a camera, and that they had taken pictures. I'm frustrated that she didn't just tell me from the start.

"tengo una hermana"

NEXT, I'm with a group of students my age. Many are Asian, and they act/look very urban. We're all in a school program together. I'm arranging a time to get together with a few of them to practice the language together. We can't decide on a time.
I go back into a gym area to talk to a guy in there. He's with a group of young men, and they're about to play basketball. (He looks like Larry, from Swat, from a distance.) A girl and I track him down and explain that we need to practice the foreign language together. He asks me for an example. I say, "Tengo una hermana."
Then we're all lying down. The girl and I are holding the guy like he's a baby, stroking his head and comforting him. He's big, with pale skin, and his head is very large, shaved down to a buzz with a big bald spot in back.


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