Dreams: August 8, 1997

watching them sing Beck

A group of people my age are giving a performance. Prachi is begging me to join them on stage. I say no because I don't know the song. She says I'll catch on quickly. I say no.
When they get up on stage it looks like they have more people on stage as performers than are sitting in the audience. They are singing a Beck song. I sit down next to Prachi (?) in the audience, in a chair on the side.
When they're through singing, I go up to the group; they are now dispersing. I see Khi Christian, who looks exactly the same as in middle school. He's with one of the snotty prepster girls from high school, with her matching clothes and permed-curly hair. I'm surprised to see Khi with her.

testosterone ice cube violence

NEXT, I'm in a house. There is a war going on. Ice cubes kill. I have a toy gun that can load ice cubes. I see others shoot each other -- when an ice cube hits you, you die. I go to the fridge and get some ice.
I see someone who is on the other team. I hit him (who looks asexual) with my ice cube. It doesn't do anything. I load another one into my gun and shoot; yet when it hits him, there is no reaction. I keep reloading and shooting. He's immune for some reason.
Then the enemy becomes feminine; he morphs into a woman. She's lying on the floor. I feel violence against her, wanting to leash out and show my power.


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