Dreams: August 7, 1997

on the floor with D.

D. and I are wrestling on the floor, rolling around and laughing. He's pinning me down, laying on me with his stomach to my back.

a new type of ushering

NEXT, I want to go on a trip with Mimi and family. But I look at my work schedule and see that I'm scheduled for tonight and a double-shift tomorrow. I ask Phoebe to sub for me. She says sure. Later I realize that she's not trained to be an usher; I'm going to have to find someone else to sub for me. Ryan (redhaired ex-Swat) offers to take my place. I'm thankful. I say I'll be back tomorrow night.
Then the trip gets cancelled. I'm going to work. I'm with a big group. Gabe (Bill Gabriel) and Mr. McBaine are sitting outside. We all go inside.
The usher's closet is huge, with lots of cubbies. I feel superior to the other girls who are changing because they are new. Noli and I are singing some song. Carrie B. shows up. She makes the room go silent by rushing in and correcting our lyrics. It's funny. I get a kick out of it. We're ushering for some museum; it has different levels: fire, liquid, earth, water, gold, etc. Laurie Hoye is somehow part of it.


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