Violin Making!
I would say that my interest in violin making began about six years ago. We have had many violinists in our family, and we were fortunate enough to inherit an old violin from a family member. The violin though was in very poor condition, there was structural damage as well as the problem of inhabitants on the interior. We gave the violin to a friend, who was just starting in violin making school, to work on as a project. This meant free repair. I often visited the North Bennet Street School in Boston to check up on my violin.

I saw the scribbled calculations of the original maker on the inside of my violin, and realized that this was one of those beautiful subjects that straddled the line between art and science perfectly.

The structural beauty of a violin, the underlying physics, is so intricate and precise; then to see such beauty and emotion rise from the body of the instrument is forfilling indeed. The personnality of the maker is put into the music, as well as that of the player.

I have always loved to create things and to me violin making is the perfect blend of technical and romantic creativity.

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