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Perhaps a good place to start:

Definition of environmental ethics according to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy



SECTION I: Ethics/Philosophy




SECTION II: Less Philosophy, More Reality







Additional Environmental Ethics/Philosophy Links

Key word searchable abstracts for all papers published in the last 20 years by the International Society for Environmental Ethics http://www.phil.unt.edu/bib/

For extensive bibliographies on deep ecology, ecofeminism, sustainable development, and "environmental ethics and environmental justice" from a PhD thesis http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~jdingler/project.html

Papers which might be interesting to look up coming out of the Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics, and Society, Mansfield College, University of Oxford http://users.ox.ac.uk/~ocees/pubs.htm

Eco book titles on ecological philosophy http://www.ecobooks.com/cat_phil.htm


Additional Environmental Links

http://www.envirolink.org/ environmental homepage for shopping, news, action, info on the web

http://www.libertynet.org/eca/weblist.html energy index along with environmental groups and other action-oriented links

http://www.dungeon.com/~weaver/ The Worldwide Institute for the Preservation of Everything

http://www.rachelcarson.org/ecolinks.html environmental links through the Rachel Carson Homestead to: Environmental Organizations; Goverment Agencies; Media, Publications, and Associations; Environmental Education; Organic and Pesticide Issues; Sustainability Pages

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