Welcome to Sonja's Web Page!

Here I am! I am a Music major and an Environmental Studies minor in the Honors Program at Swarthmore College.
Here is where I spend most of my time here at Swat, making music, or at least studying it.

I am treasurer of the Crum Creek Monitoring Project, which monitors the health of the Crum Creek at different sites every week.

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, where you can often see sights like this.

Last summer I worked at the Cazadero Music Camp, in the redwoods just north of San Francisco. I was a counselor, flute coach, and lifeguard.

Stained Glass!

I have been creating art with stained glass off and on since I was about eleven. Click here to see some of my works, especially if you are interested in commissioning something from me. I custom make suncatchers, panels, candleholders, or whatever you like for a reasonable price.

Other Hobbies

In addition to stained glass, my past projects have included quilting, knitting, sewing, needlepoint and cross-stitch, painting with acrylics, sketching, working with clay, and photography. Here are some photography shots I have taken.

Links to people

My sister Valerie and her own web page!
Check out his composers-timeline or Dr. Math to get a better idea of how talented he is, or Sixteen Feet's page to see some funny quotes by him!
Elaine Huang my roommate!
Marilyn Nourse, my long time friend of 18 years and counting!!
Dylan Humphrey, whose cool color tutorial I used to make my page colored!
Cathlin Tully who is currently spending a fabulous semester in Australia!
Kelli Tennent who is currently spending a fabulous semester at Oxford!
My old high school buddy Edd Cooper
Louise Forrest, another one from the San Francisco Bay Area!
Now you have to check out my Dad's work place!

Pictures of people

Here are a few pictures of myself and sister(s)!
This is the infamous Log!
And this is me and Ken.

Favorite quotes

I just recently had the opportunity to go with Sixteen Feet on their tour of Italy.
Here's more about it...

The picture at the top of the page I took near Pleasanton, California, summer of '91.

Sonja Downing