Enhanced Techniques

SO ... You'd like to learn some nifty tricks to use with web pages? Well, I'm happy to tell you what I know. If you don't know the basics of HTML, such as formatting and links, then I suggest you read some introductory material. I particularly like The Yahoo's HTML page, theThe HTML Writers Guild, or The Web Developer's Virtual Library.

If you have some tricks you think I should add to these pages, please mail them to me.

Get Netscape! Most of these techniques require an advanced browser, such as those by Netscape Corporation or Sun Microsystem's Hot Java. Click the button below to download the latest software from Netscape! (Note: Navigator 2.0 beta is still buggy in several places, but is getting better.)

Enhanced Techniques
These techniques should work with most advanced browsers including Netscape Navigator 1.1 or better, and HotJava.

Advanced work with images 1: Scaling and spacing
Advanced work with images 2: the LOWSRC tag
Getting the most bang from each byte
Background and Text Colors
Background Images

Netscape 1.1 Tricks
These tricks work only in Netscape Navigator 1.1.

Flashing Background Colors
Title Bar Action

Netscape 2.0 Techniques
These techniques work only in Netscape 2.0 or better.

Frameset: Splitting a Page
Frames: Borders and Scrollbars
Frames: Independant Action

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