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To Live,
To Learn,
To Love.

Philosophical Ramblings(NEW!)

When the world goes places, you go with it?

Or do you tell it where to go?

Who am I?
Evan Dorn '96.5
Swarthmore college
Engineering/Biology double major
If you'd like a picture of me, I have a rather interesting one rendered by the owner of my heart, Tinsley Davis. There's also a somewhat more natural one at the top of my resume.

What am I?
I'm just a guy who wants to know how to do everything. The world is changing fast, and I refuse to sit back and watch. Life is short and there's a lot to do. I try to do it all. Computers, music, biology, ice hockey, Latin, Sailing, engineering, Triathlons. I sing a capella, administrate this server, chair a computing ethics committee, rock climb, lurk the usenet, and study when time allows. Sometimes I get the urge to philosophize. Almost every class I've taken lately has involved research. I also design web sites and graphics in my spare time. Everything you see on my pages is original work. My best web art so for is on the home page for my computer society.

Some students have expressed interest in a list of Job and Summer Internship information that I used to maintain, so it is now back on line, although it's sadly out of date.

My addresses:

Evan Dorn
Swarthmore College
500 College Ave.
Swarthmore, PA 19081
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