Is what makes my world go 'round!! Below I've listed the research projects I've done for courses, as a summer intern, etc.
Senior Design Project
This is the big one. Either I pull this off and wow everyone, or I go out in one hell of a flaming big bang. Count on the former. As the project progresses, I'll put up more information. For now, I'll just describe it briefly: the project will demonstrate a robotics technology that can be used to construct robotic arms or bodies that have no rigid parts and are flexible about any axis at any point along their length. In addition, robotic parts based this design could change their diameter at various locations in order to suit the application. The device involves materials, mechanical, electronic, and programming challenges to complete construction and control. Control will most likely have to be neural network implemented in software. Applications include medical (endoscopes that can more effectively navigate within the patient's body) and many industrial uses.

Non-Coursework Research
Course Research
Since nearly every science and engineering course involves a research project, I have research and/or design experience in a large number of fields. The coolest of these are listed below.

Smaller-scale projects
Some of the projects are I've done for class don't really qualify as full-scale research, but were instructive and/or amusing nonetheless.
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