Project ZEUS

ZEUS is a project for a Mobile Robotics class at Swarthomre College by Ames Bielenberg and David Saltzman in Fall 2011.

The class used the TurtleBot for most labs.

The goal of this project was to collect data from the turtlebot's Kinect camera over time and compile it into a single point cloud, for later exploration. Although it was hoped that printed datamatrix barcodes attached to walls would assist the robot's odometry, that proved unrealistic for this project.

We called the project ZEUS, as Zeus could be called the god of clouds. ZEUS might stand for Zealous Engineers Undergo Stress.

This portion of the project uses the awesome XB PointStream library to interactively display the point clouds. This uses experimental WebGL technology, and only works on new-ish computers.

In my experience, Firefox works a little better for this than Chrome. IE is out until further notice (IEWebGL might be worth a try).

Camera controls: move mouse to look around, WASD to move, [space]=up, [shift]=down.

Select a file to view (in rough reverse chronological order):

lightning.asc 54 MB 1.4M Robot Lab and part of the hallway.
thunder.asc 169 MB 4.5M Electronics Lab, hallway, Mural Room
sampleframe314.asc 103 MB 2.8M Parts of the Robot Lab and the Analog Lab. Messy, but interesting.
sampleFrame8.asc 26 MB 718K Half of Robot Lab, including Ames and David
sampleFrame7.asc 60 MB 1.9M Cruzin' down the hallway.
sampleFrame6.asc 12 MB 344K David D. in Robot Lab (first translation+rotation test).
sampleFrame5.asc 11 MB 302K Driving towards door again (another translation test).
sampleFrame4.asc 12 MB 346K Ames' feet.
sampleFrame3.asc 8.8 MB 241K Driving towards door (first translation test).
sampleFrame2.asc 41 MB 1078K Roboticists in Robot Lab (more rotation testing)
sampleFrame1-2.asc 8.6 MB 228K door, stools
sampleFrame1-1.asc 10 MB 284K Another failed early test (look up).
sampleFrame1.asc 15 MB 440K Ames, bench.
sampleFrame-3.asc 40 MB 1.1M First rotation test. Something went awesomely wrong!
sampleFrame-2.asc 2 MB 54K Fixed something. Now David is right side up.
sampleFrame.asc 2 MB 54K First frame captured. David, upside-down!
eggenburg.asc 28 MB 409K Beautiful sample cloud of an Austrian village. From Atrius 3D via asalga.

Pre-project presentation.