What is MacFusion?

MacFusion brings all sorts of information to your Mac in the form of files and folders displayed as just another "Volume" on your Mac desktop. Right now you can use this software to show a Secure Shell or Secure FTP share from another computer on your macs desktop, letting you manipulate the files on it as if they were on your own computer. MacFusion can also do the same for any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, giving read/write FTP in the finder for the first time! MacFusion works using open source technology called FUSE ported by Google to the Mac platform (MacFuse). MacFusion is based on plugins, so you can expect exciting new file systems coming to your desktop in the future! This includes the files from your gmail account, pictures from Flickr, encrypted volumes using encfs, source code repositories using subversion, and more!

How do I install MacFusion?

First, you neeed to install Google's MacFuse package from here: MacFuse.

Then you can download MacFusion, double click on the dmg and drag the application into your Applications folder.

When you start MacFusion, you should see an icon in the top right of your screen. Click on it and you will find all the functionality described above. Looking for help? Check the MacFusion Google group , or email the author.
MacFusion Menubar

How to contribute
If you use MacFusion and appreciate the authors work, you can donate to the project here.

MacFusion is an open source project released under the Apache License. You can find the current code in the subversion repository on Google Code. The MacFusion project area includes the most up-to-date information, tips for troubleshooting, new downloads and links to Google Groups for the user and developer communities. We welcome help in development, feature requests, and bug reports!
Thanks goes to...
  • Google and Amit Singh for the FUSE Port (MacFuse)
  • Creators of the askpass program with keychain integration (Google and Jan Lehnhardt)
  • Milli Jolić for the design of the site and artwork inside the application