Detailed Features

  • FUSE filesystems so far: SSHFS, CurlFTPFS
  • Passwords can be stored in the keychain for SSH or FTP server
  • Support for public/private key authentication using SSH (Use SSHKeyChain)
  • Stores favorites and allows automatic connection of favorites on start
  • Configurable behavior of mounted filesystems on system sleep
  • Handles SFTP:// and FTP:// URL links. Try setting it up with Quicksilver!
  • Sparkle updating

MacFusion Menubar

How to contribute
MacFusion is an open source project released under the APSL. You can find the current code in the subversion repository on Google Code. We also have a Google groups discussion group here. We welcome help in development, feature requests, and bug reports!
Thanks goes to...
  • Google and Amit Singh for the FUSE Port (MacFuse)
  • Creators of the askpass program with keychain integration (Google and Jan Lehnhardt)
  • Milli Jolić for the design of the site and artwork inside the application