I like music. I won't be making this anything like a comprehensive demonstration of this fact, but I will be sticking music-related things here as it occurs to me to do so.


Cantatrix is Swarthmore's early music a cappella group. I am an alto in said group. We sing a fairly broad range of songs, but generally old, in a foreign language, and in several parts. We aim for a good balance of sacred vs. secular pieces, but it's dependent on what people find sheet music for.

These three songs are from Jamboree, Spring 2006. It was our first semester memorizing our music, and thus singing without paper in our hands. Scary! but rewarding.

  • Vidi Aquam
  • Mon Coeur Se Recommend a Vous
  • Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort
  • WSRN Radio

    I had a radio show for both semesters of my freshman year. You can look at my playlists to see what kind of stuff I was playing. I swear I'll have another show before I graduate...really.