Throcky Gets Physical

Throcky Gets Physical was a physics musical written and produced by Mr. Tapper's Block 4 Physics AP class at Morristown High School, NJ. Its one and only showing occurred on April 29th, 2002 in the high school auditorium. It kicked @$$.

There are many reasons why you might find Throcky Gets Physical interesting:

I've started work on creating a playbill for Throcky Gets Physical; I always thought that it was a shame that we didn't have one.

Photo Album

The Downloads are complete, INCLUDING THE VIDEO! It's hosted on the Internet Archive.

Where are they now? Find out what happened to the cast and crew of Throcky Gets Physical as they brought their mad Physics Skillz to bear in the real world!

This is a picture of what I wanted our final project to be instead of a musical: putting our school into projectile motion! -->

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