transparency. Jeremy Fahringer

jeremy fahringer


may 12 - 15, 2006

Retrograde: affecting a period prior to a precipitating cause

I want my art to require a response, an interaction with its audience, to require an attempt to order and reconstruct meaning and emotional involvement. I see one of the roles of art as engaging different people where they are, with their unique perspectives and histories, and to challenge that. Sometimes, the eye may focus only on what is identifiable, while at other times, only on what is completely abstracted and devoid of understandable form or context.

The process of making these objects, of building, and painting, and removing paint, is a part of the art. As I work, the final image is forever transforming to take into account prior marks and drips, scratches and colors. This approach prohibits an easy explanation for each piece: to point out the signifiers, the representations, always falls short, cannot possibly be a comprehensive summary.

The creation of the final object, a finished piece, is not so much about the perfect representational form, but the creation and process of an evocative atmosphere, a place or time. This evocation appears in symbolic or representational forms, in the multiplicity and mystery of hundreds of receding and protruding veils, glazes. These paintings deal with transformation and memory, with a changed perspective giving new life to old thoughts and memories.

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