Terezín Concentration Camp

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Terezín Concentration Camp (Theresienstadt), located near Prague, "served as a kind of a way station to Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and other extermination centers, it was meant to be a model camp which foreigners could be shown and it was actually called a ghetto. Yet every one of its inhabitants was condemned in advance to die." (I never saw another butterfly.) Fifteen thousand children younger than age 15 lived at Terezín at some point during the war, and out of those 15,000, only 100 survived. (I never saw another butterfly.) Read "At Terezín ", "Birdsong", and "On a Sunny Evening", and remember that these children died a week, a month, maybe a year or two after they wrote these poems. These poems are all that are left of these children, read them well.

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