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I have switched over to using WordPress to maintain my website. You should have been forwarded automatically, but I guess you have javascript disabled. Please visit Matt Fowles's Website.

Either the updated webpage worked or I managed to wow them with my "charm". Either way, I am no longer a student at Swarthmore College, but have found myself happily employed at Bluefin Robotics. Also, I am no longer a lurker on the parrot mailing lists, I am actually the weekly summarizer. Sometimes things work out well.

Lately, I have been making many improvements to this web page for the whole job searching process. Recent modifications include updates to my resume as well as the addition of a portfolio. Have fun with them.

I just decided to add a link to the evil window manager that I use for my cs accounts (when I get the option). It is a nice minimalist WM that has source code clean enough to edit whenever I want. This is a very good thing, as it does not have a configuration file. On the plus side it has an absurdly small binary size and footprint. Like I said, minimalist. Hopefully the author will keep it that way...

Well, this is my nth attempt at a web page... But this time I started out by stealing someone's css so that I could make it without all the table pain that I used to have.

I never get very far cause they are often so annoying to maintain and what not....  The links on the left are to things that I have done for classes.  MMD is Multi Method Dispatch which Sven and I implemented for Programming Languages (even though it was never assigned...)

I suppose I should give you a brief about me.  I am a Math-CS double major at Swarthmore College, which is still not an all girls school in up-state New York.  I don't keep a blog, so this wont be one.  I do, however, like playing with programming languages.  To this end I have a couple of trivial patches in parrot and I lurk on the mailing list extensively.

Hopefully, I will finish updating this web page at long last.

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