Page of Extensive Self-Reference

I have a lot of friends with webpages. There are even more people that I think are pretty cool and might have webpages. There are also millions of wonderful people in the world with allergies to HTML. This makes constructing a list of links uncomfortably like choosing whom to invite to one's fifth-grade birthday party. Somebody is bound to get left out.

In search of an alternative organizing principle, I have chosen to include only sites that mention me. The list is intentionally incomplete, but I welcome suggestions for improvement.

My Own Creations

I learned HTML working for the Math Forum. Much of my work involved surfing math sites and writing little descriptions of them for the Math Library, which isn't a bad job when you're paid by the hour. I also wrote FAQs about math, though my greatest accomplishment was a pair of graph-climbing chameleons.

I maintain the Swarthmore Knitwits webpage. This should not surprise anyone who's seen me knit.

I write letters and do the occasional scrap of research for the Academy of Saint Gabriel, an organization dedicated to historical naming and heraldry. In particular, I have written an article on Sixteenth-Century Turkish Names; Aryanhwy merch Catmael (otherwise known as Sara Friedemann) and I have produced a list of Persian names.

Last summer I researched quorum systems at the DIMACS Research Experience for Undergraduates program in New Jersey (and Prague!)

I spent a summer giving mini-lectures on lung surfactants to the members of the Soft Condensed Matter Research Group at Case Western Reserve University.

At some point I broke and acquired an online journal. I use it more for educational ranting and self-promotion than as a diary.

I have an ongoing project to disturb Harry Potter fangirls. As part of this project, my stories are hosted by Fiction Alley, along with a review forum.

A squid story I wrote lives at Inky Dribbles.

Other Work

I've had some hand in editing the pages of Ramón, the Mink of Love. However, he is most emphatically not my fault. Doomchicken also hosts a quote page, which does its very best to skew my innocent remarks.

Brian Ferguson has a bunch of photos. I took some of them, and some of them feature my handiwork. I'm not sure whether there are actually any pictures of me. His journal mentions me occasionally.

Sonia Mariano has a picture of a sweater I knitted for her.

Cat Farris has various photos of me looking young, including some unnerving ones from middle school.

The Cleftlands pages are very pretty. The Scribes' Guild has a picture of one of my scrolls, though you can find the same picture in my own pages if you try.

Beth Tsai is under the strange misapprehension that I am a woman in CS, when I am really a woman in mathematics who knows how to program a calculator. This confusion is forgivable because Beth is very cool in a spiky sort of way.

Franzi Dickson and I are two halves of the same soul, the light and the dark, etc., etc., as well as occasional partners in evil. We also happen to have the same birthday.

Katie Tunning and David Bing maintain quote pages with some level of overlap.

And Finally . . .

What page of self-reference would be complete without a link to itself?

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