we'll put the antics
back into semantics class
and throttle that kid

--Allison Adelman

Yes, this is how we (me, Ginnie Culler, Allison Adelman, Susannah Smith, and Fabienne François) spend our time during Semantics class, or Linguistics 40 with Ted Fernald. It's mostly a good class--all this ridiculous universe notation comes from it and the formal logic we like to play around with--but there's this kid we just can't stand there, and then we discovered that I like to draw and Ginnie likes to write haikus ...

This is Nori's Rage.
Watch her anger escalate.
She sure hates That Kid.

Nori throttles 'That Kid' (2/10)
Nori throttles 'That Kid' (3/10) Now she's really pissed.
Look how hard she wrings his neck!
That Kid deserves it.

Check out Nori now!
Tremble under Nori's foot
Nori conquers all.

Nori throttles 'That Kid' (4/10)
Nori throttles 'That Kid' (5/10) Nori's angry now
Nori and her Viola
Crushing That Kid's skull

Check this out, it's me!!!
And I am Godzilla too!
Time to die, That Kid!

Nori throttles 'That Kid' (6/10)
Nori throttles 'That Kid' (7/10) Great team effort, girls!
Violence is bad, but not
When it's toward That Kid.

Nori likes to watch
Fabienne is one tough chick!
That Kid is no match.

Nori throttles 'That Kid' (8/10)
Nori throttles 'That Kid' (9/10) Nori's hungry now
(Even goddesses must eat)
Allison kicks ass!

Back to Nori's fists.
That Kid isn't dead by now?
Better try again.

Nori throttles 'That Kid' (10/10)

©Nori Heikkinen, Ginnie Culler, & Allison Adelman
April 6th, 2000