Happy Birthday, Ginnie!
Clinton says, Happy Birthday, Ginnie!
March 23rd, 2000

Virginia Culler (center)

Since this is my page, I (a) must insert a disclaimer about the page color, that this is Ginnie's favorite color and not mine, and (b) reserve at least a little room to babble about Ginnie before she gets all her digital toys below. Ginnie Culler goes to Bryn Mawr, and I met her through Semantics class (Ling 40) at Swarthmore. I love her for her blond hair and height, and complete and unwavering ability to derail and destroy the thread of a discussion about the extension of scalar elements in a finite universe we are defining. Happy birthday, Ginnie.

Ginnie insists that I put a stodgy old man and a grumpy little girl on her birthdaypage, so Ginnie, happy birthday! :
Uncle Hyman Tina the Troubled Teen

Some women are fat, says Ginnie:
Lose some weight

Ginnie also likes to check out the
weather daily. Here's today's:
from Ginnie's often-existential
florileggium of quotes:
The Weather in Hell
A Quote