nori heikkinen

me with espresso

instead of a bio, i made a list today in morphology seminar (27.XI.2000) of things i can do.
  • break a banana in 2 like a monkey
  • count up to 31 on my fingers on one hand in binary
  • install a video card
  • change a flat
  • dance flamenco (poorly)
  • make a damn strong screwdriver
  • french braid my own hair
  • give a good hug
  • fingerpaint a car
  • write a good paper in one night
  • make bread and cook yummy things in general
  • transcribe your speech into IPA
  • massage the knots out of a violist's neck and back
  • recite French poetry
  • drive to Philly, Nifty Fifty's, and Tom Jones'
  • distinguish the quality of chinese green teas
  • drive stick
  • wiggle my ers, and sometimes one at a time
  • transcribe songs by ear
  • develop black-and-white photos
  • drive on ice
  • identify pitches
  • resew a button; mend/patch clothing
  • learn enough of a language to get around in a month

other indications of me, in small chunky html vignettes, are my room and my car.


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