my room '00-'01 in Lodge 2 basement

There is a sign we found in the kitchen which says:

this basement room is subject to flooding

Residents are advised that this room is suitable for storage purposes only and is not to be used for living quarters. To avoid water damage, items stored here should be placed on elevated platforms and not directly on the floor.

The College will assume no liability for items damaged through misuse of the room or improper storage of items.

- Dean's Office

It is now nailed to my door, to cover up the sign that said "MEN" (i painted a 'wo-' over it in orange). It hangs on my door, which has four-color hadnprints around it, in cheerful irony. There has been no flooding this year, just a little water during a minor hurricane before I'd even moved in.

When we encountered this room, it was nasty as sin. Roaches, ugliness, stinky carpets, just bad, bad. We beautified it. Visited Home Depot so many times that first week that the paint guys there almost got to know us. Picked up four different colors: naranja del barrio chino, scottish green, something about yellow--sunshine?, and a color which was originally azure but then i decided i wanted it purple instead and we got the paint guys to squirt red into it. We painted not only the walls (one each) but the huge cement blocks on the floor, too, according to the Four Color Theorem. It never actually flooded, and is the biggest and most beautiful single on campus. I love it.

The best part? It's not officially college housing, so I didn't have to re-paint it or get fined at the end of the year. :-)

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