february 21, 2001

new pictures ...

i've been pointing and shooting a lot recently, for no good reason, save that my friends are all adorable. Finally getting negative protectors to put developed film in; still paying exorbitant prices for bookstore developing. Meantime, documenting the year not only in words, but in images. Below are some of the better ones of late. I've stuck them all in one page, and for those of you who (a) aren't lucky enough to be in college with free ethernet, or (b) have yet to break down and buy a cable modem, I apologize.

~ jan. 22, 2001:
Wayne attacks ice cream with Laurel's parmesan cheese kinfe   Wayne playing air guitar in the Lodge 2 basement

Laurel in her window

Laurel in the shower of the Lodge

Laurel in front of the library on Parrish Beach

Jenny lying on a couch in Mephisto's (a Willets lounge)

Jenny & Amelia in Mephisto's

Jenny in front of Parrish on a beautiful day

Jenny being a star-bellied sneech for the rave

Claire gesticulating in Mephisto's

Claire asleep in the butterfly chair

Claire & Gabe

Amelia Hoover in front of Parrish  Amelia Hoover in front of Parrish

eve before Martin's party (2/16/01)  Eve in my room, again before the party

Rishi Puri & Alyssa  Alyssa & Sierra eating french toast on the Worth Courtyard

Heather, Julia, Jenny, Laurel, Alyssa, and Galen on my bed

Emily (jenny's friend) in her tiara  Casey

my nemesis, That Kid:


(also see
other drawings of That Kid)

Katie's haiku about said Kid:

maybe if i yanked
hard on That Kid's cloak, the clasp
might decapitate.

see also other photos