Lindsay Herron- Somehow, I seemed to have become her. I've inherited her roles on Forum for Free Speech, Movie Committee, and Opera CLub president. I always enjoyed discussing movies, operas, and other topics and attending her movie showings and parties. I especially enjoyed watching Muppet Family Christmas at her Christmas party.

Emily Moore (me, Caroline) and Katie Surrence- A pair of well matched roommates, I think. I can remember Emily going to the orchestra and Katie worrying, calling everyone she knew. Ah, the love. Emily is a fellow art history major, and always fun to talk to on matters cultural. I remember walking back to ML after choir freshman year. Katie was a great fan of tragic movies, like myself, as well as Scrabble, operas and showtunes, with a so-much-fun WSRN show. I learned much of showtunes and had to take over the role after she left.

Kyla Tornheim- Despite the squealing, I suspect she actually enjoys being whipped around by me at contra dances. In any case, I was priveleged to share a bathroom with her, and frighten her in it a couple times even. We also managed to win the roommate game study break (like the Newlywed game, but with...well, you get it).

Arcadia Falcone(right)- Probably my oldest friend at Swat, I think I met her through college bowl, but can't honestly remember. In any case, I've gotten to dance at all sorts of events with her (swing dances, Playford, contras), play college bowl, and watch fun old movies and MST3K. I've enjoyed her company from the days when she came over and sat in the basement with me and talked while others played ping pong to when I came over and interrupted her never ending thesis.

Adena(left)- Another ML senior, she and I enjoyed discussing finer points of art, usually modern, and watching movies. Always a loyal member of the posse, I enjoyed having her down the hall within earshot, especially since I didn't know her before this year.

Jack Borrebach- Although I first came to know him in Chem 10H, I managed not to offend him too much with my puns (he says it took a while to warm up to me) to become best friends with him. Always up for a conversation about music, he provided lots of helpful advice and help with compositioning, as well as a frequent companion to the orchestra. He's pictured here with Rachel Kane, performing in the music library where Jack dictates stories to Rachel who types them up on the typewriter. And Rachel: sh! this is a library photo!

Stefan Gary- By far the perkiest person I know. He also wins the award for most rearrangements of a room across a year. It's the engineer in him, I suppose. Always one for fun, juggling, unicycling, and discussing art in and out of the classroom (when he's not moving furniture, he's been a long-standing, supportive friend over the 4 years. Woo-hoo!

Dan Finkel- Another juggler, and fellow Scrabbler, on of the best. He has one of the best senses of humor, especially for sarcasm. This is helped by hiw exhaustless collection of funny anecdotes and library of Simpsons references.

Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman- Always an enjoyable conversationalist, especially in Sharples, I recall watching him look for mistakes in the Phoenix issues while talking to me.

Brendan Karch- A(nother) fellow art lover, we had Modern Art seminar together. As a result, I got to hear all the details of the honors exam without having to actually do it. I also got to hear all the details of studying in berlin without actually going. That actually not so cool.

Molly Manvel- The only other "lifer" from our freshman ML group. Perky, but not afraid to be threatening when provoked, and very photogenic (as you can see). She also was a tourguide with me since freshman year. Having her around gives me company for movie watching (and talking) and X-Filing, not unlike her well-suited roommate...

Tiffany Lennon- Slightly darker in temperment than Molly, but every bit as threatening ("break you in half is a favorite phrase of hers"). Another film fanatic, of all kinds, probably the most pop-culture savvy person I know. She's fun...when' she's not threatening you with death at her hands.

David January- Perhaps my closest friend. He's always helpful in listening to my problems and making me feel better. He's also the one who lent me a guide to learn HTML, hence this site. On the more lighthearted occasions, he enjoys talking music and we share comments on our compositions. We've also spent a lot of time dancing, and spontaneously playing Connect Four, and not nearly enough time watching movies.

Katie Tunning- Another very close friend, also one who has proven helpful in fixing my problems. She's fun, laid back, and great talking with, especially with her onomatopoetic language. Plus she has a cool web cam. Lover of Scrabble and other such games, many hours have been spent with her (and others) doing such things. She is also my favorite Parrish Desk worker.

Eileen Thorsos (left)- Here she is with her not-twin sister Katie (not roommate Katie, see above). My fellow dancer (folk and tango) and ball co-chair. I remember her as a spec, with the long long hair, cool hat (one of many), and excellent massage techniques. Well known for her hugs and pokes.

Hollis Easter(left)- A spec of mine, I still remember his fun visit. Since coming, we've shared dancing, music classes, and a bathroom. APreciator of fine humor, particularly when it comes to mocking music and people we associate with it.

Amelia Hoover (right)- My R.A./across the hallmate this last year. Also a midwestern sympathizer from Grand Forks. She loves musicals and movies, though rarely has time to sit down for a full one. Busy busy, but always available to talk and bake cookies...mmm.
Mark Romanowsky (left)- Another midwesterner (St. Cloud), I know him from college bowl. Enjoyable conversations always, with a fun offbeat sense of humor, and a love of movies with the same qualities.

Ben Schak- And yet another midwesterner from Minneapolis, my roommate this year. Fun person with great sense of humor. I enjoy his very easy-going attitudes for a lot of stuff. Multiple interests, so it's always fun conversing with him (and a valuable college bowl member). I'm glad I talked him into coming over to ML this year.

Jesse Taylor- Another MLer, and another film lover. We took film 1 together, so we had plenty of fun discussing movies there and making fun of the pretentious theory we read. A big help at the one trash tournament I went to for college bowl, he knew every single comic book question asked. Impressive.

Nori Heikinnen- Another musician, a violist with a deep knowledge of the repertoire and history, always makes for fun conversation. Also fun to talk to about food, and her time in vienna, which encompasses all of the above. She was my date for screw (see picture page), and much fun was had, and also was involved in very cool parties at the barn. Oh, and this webpage couldn't have existed without her guidance. So, thanks!

Jeff Traczynski- A very very fun person who I probably have eaten more meals with than anyone. Fun to talk to, with lots of neat stories to tell, and fun to listen to, especially on WSRN, with his exciting political talk show, despite the lack of callers (not that I ever called...). But the best was college bowl, utilizing our sarcasm skills to mock the other players. And the countless hours spent writing fun trash packets for our competitions.

Rebecca Ennen (right)- Another responsible for those barn parties (and she can cook!), she's always up for a dance and at least a bit of fun conversation and perhaps a movie (usually with thoughtful insight included). Here she is with Alyssa (a cool midseason dormmate), Ross (music afficionado of many sorts), and Ester (another fine film fan).

Emily Shrader- A terrific singer, and lover of classical music (and my opera club successor), though her disinterestedness toward Bach is a clear problem. In any case, she's very sweet and fun to talk to. Especially while I play little jokes on her during her library shifts.

Cameron Higby-Naquin- My freshman hallmate, with a terrific sense of humor, all types-sarcasm, deadpan, and especially inappropriate kind (note photo). He's often anti-social, with all the video games, but when he does come out to play with us all, it's always fun.

Josh Hudner- "Evil" Josh to all of us (soo many Joshes), he bites and growls, but he's certainly domesticated. His shenanigans keep the hall life active. Here his with...

Joy Mills- Music lover, mainly of the musical sort. Fun person who enjoys the art of conversation and of dancing. As much as she hates these remarks on her name, I will say it's appropriate, since it's what she brings to me.

Well, there are tons more, but chances are I don't have any fun pictures of you or I ran out of time or I don't like you.

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