sunday, may 16, 1999

It's 11:53 pm, back in central time again. back home in dekalb... sitting in the study, the cat lounging by my feet, breeze coming in through the curtains. it's really hot and sticky here, like it decided to be summer all of a sudden now that i'm coming home. and i'm not sure yet how i feel about being here, but i know that it feels good to be sitting in front of the computer for these few moments, looking at the same telnet screen i'd look at back... well, i was going to say back home. back at swat. which i guess really did start to feel like a home for me. especially this past year.

i realized it when i was packing, and leaving so much stuff there... we came home in the camry and it wasn't even a tight squeeze. i just didn't feel like i had to bring that much stuff over the summer... this feels sort of like a vacation. i mean, it feels like home too. obviously it does... it smells the way my house smells and it's the things i grew up with... i don't know. i just wrote an email to the quint. i miss them already.

so i don't know. two days on the road, not too much to say. (used all three types of "too/to/two" in that last thought.) cleaning out my room so i can put away all my stuff. listening to all the music that reminds me of this year... lucinda williams, billy bragg & wilco, belle & sebastian. it's summer and i'm home and i don't know what to say.

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