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How can a series of words and symbols, colors and pixillated pictures be a home? What does home mean, after all? Is it a place, or is it people? Food on a table? Singing songs?

My dad had an interview this weekend. He's applied to the University of Texas at Austin, and I've been pushing it from my mind, but when I think of moving away from DeKalb, it's like having vertigo or something. But does it really matter where you live? Or does it just matter what you remember of it? I wrote about this in my journal the other day. The importance of memory.

It's now officially been a week since I taught myself some html and got me a home, home on the web... I'm still an infant, you see. The page is too. It's like a new house, if you want to extend the metaphor. Maybe I should have a housewarming party. Then people would bring cuisinarts and colanders and other useless items that I'd throw into my web garage and not think about again until I moved...

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