Purple Procrastinations

I no longer go to Swarthmore College. I graduated. I stood in the back row with the other engin majors; we had little confetti exploding thingies; I walked across the stage, shook Al Bloom's hand, and got a piece of paper that said "Bachelor of Science" on it. It did. I checked. :^)

I now am back at home in Newton. I work at the Gibson House Museum, an 1859 Back Bay townhouse lived in by three generations of the Gibson family. The last one, Charles Hammond Gibson Jr., wanted his house to become a museum, which it did, three years after his death in 1954. The house has huge amounts of stuff that the Gibsons had—their furniture, wallpaper, dishes, clothing...you name it, we've probably got it. Also, since Charlie was kind of eccentric, he never renovated the house at all, so there's the original kitchen (coal stove), laundry (little heated cauldron thingy for boiling clothing in) and call bell system (eleven little bells, of different tones, hanging above the kitchen door). It's nifty. Come check it out if you're in the area. (Also, go check out the web page. Really. And tell me if there are any weirdnesses or typos or anything. :^)

Other pages of mine:
my NEW quotations page. It is different colors. It has links to Angel and Buffy quotes. It has a heckuva lot of quotations. Check it out.

I have a links page. It has links on it. Yay!

Pages not of mine:
SWIL, the Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature. It's basically the fantasy and science fiction group at Swat, and yes, the acronym came first. I was treasurer for a year, co-president for a year, and now am the old person who talks a lot at meetings.

My a cappella group, Cantatrix, sings medieval and renaissance music. And lots of other weird stuff.

Folk Dance Club takes care of my free time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Other People's Pages:

Jennifer Tyson '01. Extremely committed Scottish and English country dancer, Celtic music addict, silly person who regularly whaps her friends.

Chaos Golubitsky '00. Texan (don't hold it against her), computer sysadmin, my former co-president of SWIL.

Hollis Easter '03. Bagpipe player, cook, webmeister.

Amy' Marinello '02. Current co-president of SWIL, Superman fan, owner of adorable stuffed monkey named Arnie (I think).

Nori Heikkinen '03. Former member of Cantatrix, viola player, lover of the color orange.

Scott Price '00. Stage combat choreographer and sound guy, English major, Sluggy Freelance addict.

Will Quale '99. Morris, longsword, English and Scottish dancer, guitar player, Red Sox fan.

And last, but definitely not least, my sister, Kendra, a vastly cool person with a gorgeous page in which she demonstrates her keen grasp of the English language.

E-mail is always a happy thing. And, yes, I am addicted to it. 'Tis a sad, sad thing...